Lydian is a CoWorking Space for creatives, run by creatives. It feels family run because the owners work here too.

We’re a boutique work space where everyone knows each other – the CoWorking space equivalent of the Cheers bar

The space was set up to provide freelancers with a solution to the challenges of not having a clear separation between work and home. 

Our mission is to create an inspiring, friendly and comfortable community for musicians, creative freelancers and self employed professionals to work and network in a healthy and balanced environment.


24 Hour Access – 365 Days a Year

Fixed Desks

Complimentary Tea & Coffee

Pet Friendly

Super Fast Fibre Broadband

Storage Cupboards

Cleaned twice weekly

Ping Pong Table

Desk Prices

Small Desk

£ 150 + VAT

Per Month

Medium Desk

£ 200 + VAT

Per Month

Large Desk

£ 225 + VAT

Per Month
  • All desks are fixed and include storage space. 
  • Contracts are on a rolling monthly basis with 30 days notice if you want to cancel.
  • The only deposit we ask for is £20 for the keys. 
  • We provide free tea and coffee and all rates are included in the cost of the desk.
  • You have 24 hour access and The coworking space is secured and alarmed.

Why not stop by and have a look?


“I feel passionately about the importance of working in a friendly and vibrant community. I spent seven years working from my home studio and the gradual accumulative cabin fever of this lifestyle started to take its toll. It felt very unhealthy… like there was something missing. Lydian CoWorking Space is about creating a better work life balance for myself and others and creating a sense of community ”

Aaron Wheeler is a Media Composer and independent Artist who performs as Laszlo and as part of the four piece band The Lydian Collective.


“I spent the best part of eight years working from home and slowly began to realise the importance of the psychological separation between work and home. Isolation has a strange cumulative and intangible effect and, being a generally social creature, something had to give. That’s when we decided to create a home from home where we could work and play within a community of like minded individuals.”

Jim Hustwit is a TV & Film Composer and music producer.