A bright and comfortable space


A seperate lounge / meeting area


A community of creatives


Be Part of a Community

Join other like-minded freelance professionals, share ideas or simply a cup of tea and a chat. We also have monthly social events which you are welcome to join.

Separate Home and Work

Working from home is great, but after a while home and job can become confused. We believe in keeping them seperate and having a homely space in which to work.

Comfy not Corporate

We believe that in order to be inspired, creative and productive you need a comfortable environment. That’s what Lydian Workspace is all about.

CoWorking Space North London

So, what do we offer?

  • We’re 15 secs from Finsbury Park station
  • Communal kitchen and lounge
  • Free WIFI
  • Free Tea and Coffee (the good stuff)
  • Access 24-7
  • Flexible monthly terms
  • All bills included
There is no minimum term and no deposit. We ask that members pay up front on the first of the month and give four weeks notice before leaving. We hope that you’ll love it so much that you never want to leave.

Lydian Workspace is the perfect marriage of great people and a great space.

Michael PalmerBorn Musicians

A vibrant and social environment that I enjoy working in.

Andrea CarbognoCarbogno Architects